The Next Apple’s IPhone 12 Will Have a Shocking Design

The upcoming few months will start witnessing some serious and most anticipated launches by big tech companies such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. And of course the most popular smartphone of all time, Apple’s iPhone 12 is going to create a massive hype even months before its official release. Reportedly the yet-to-come iPhone 12 line by Apple will introduce not only one smartphone models, but at least nine different models with various features. The final features and design of the iPhone 12 line have been approved by the company and it’s expected that the production will start in July. Tech experts and die-hard fans suggest that the two of the iPhone 12 models will be unveiled in September, hopefully followed by the rest of the models in October. The main focus of Apple currently is on the virtual WWDC2020 which will be taking place by the end of June, and the event will reveal vital and interesting information about the next phases for the established tech company.

However it seems that some leaks have revealed that major design changes will be done to the iPhone 12 products. With every launch, Apple tries to make its trademark of iPhone more unique by presenting the customer with a sleek and stylish smartphone. The next Apple’s iPhone will most likely have an unprecedented new design; the newest iPhone design will return to flat sides and a nice metal finish that gives it a smooth and sleek appearance. Also there’ll be a smaller top notch which is best depicted in the iPhones. Fortunately the initial leaks and pictures of the iPhone 12 have garnered positive feedback. The revamped design will include the curved edges to make holding the phone for hours more comfortable and easy; the alteration to the curved edges will intensify the visual impression of the iPhone 12 as it’ll become more smooth and in a cleaner shape than its predecessors.

As for the notch, it’s going to be smaller and more concise in the iPhone 12 models; the re-sizing of the top notch is not serving the overall design, but it’s also functional for the inner parts! The famous Apple notch will encase the selfie camera setup, and the sensor technology for the face ID system. The more parts packed within the top notch of the iPhone, the more effort exerted to redesign the notch and make it look modern and clean. And let’s not forget that the iPhone 12 models are said to be the first to sport 5G connectivity and the new A14 Bionic chipset. However the photography and camera specs, features and modes are to come to light in the next few weeks.

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