IPhone 12 To Flaunt Less Powerful Batteries

The whole world is waiting eagerly to obtain the next generation of Apple’s iPhone/s and see what the new, most anticipated product have to offer in order to overshadow the massive successes of the prior releases. As a starter, Apple has already redesigned and reformulated the entire design of the upcoming iPhone 12 generation; and of course the camera setup and photography features are going to play a grand role in increasing the sales of the already-viral smartphone. However, as the company is gradually getting ready to officially unveil the iPhone 12 linup and the its launching dates, suddenly there were some issues that came to the spotlight regarding the battery capacity and duration of the smartphone.

The iPhone 12 products are scheduled to be the first by Apple to present the 5G connectivity feature that’s anticipated by millions of people; however it’s reported by other tech companies that the 5G connectivity does indeed consume more power than the 4G connectivity, and consequently that requires the iPhone 12 generation to have a more powerful batteries. On the contrary, it seems that Apple has reduced the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 smartphones in comparison to the previous iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 models reportedly flaunt battery capacities that range from 2227mAh to 3687mAh; as a result that raises the question of whether the less powerful battery capacities and the 5G feature can go hand in hand in reality without affecting each other negatively!

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