The First IPhone 12 Won’t be Utilizing The BOE OLEDs

The recently revealed news and information about the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup of products have excited the audience members immensely who are waiting to see the new redesigned iPhone 12 smartphones and what new features does Apple bring to the table this year. The next generation of Apple’s iPhones will have a different design, a smaller notch, a better camera system along with other interesting features. However there are some speculations about whether Apple will be using BOE OLEDs for the first bundle of iPhone 12 models. It was already revealed that another tech brand like Samsung won’t be utilizing BOE OLEDs for the Samsung Galaxy S21 devices; the question is now will Apple follow the same footsteps as Samsung, taking into account that the production of iPhone 12 will start next month!

Reportedly it has been confirmed that Apple won’t be utilizing the BOE OLEDs for the first iPhone 12 models. The fact that BOE still hasn’t succeeded in the last testing stage since August 2019, has driven Apple away from their usual OLEDs this year. Once BOE manages to meet the standards required from them by Apple, the next batch of iPhone 12 can include the BOE OLEDs. As of now, Apple will resort to Samsung’s OLED panels that are more pricey but higher in quality.

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